custom vinyl art flooring

LushLino™ ~ retro linoleum


Where have all the fine linoleum patterns gone?

LushLino™ is here! I'm very honored to be a vendor at the Alameda Home Legacy Tour 2018.  LushLino™ had a booth. The Home Tour was so beautiful. I met a lot of great folks. Thanks for inviting me!

SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL SPECIAL PRICING!! The 20” x 30” size rugs are $65.00. All designs can be at that size. Please contact me if interested. (except the Amazon Warrior Story Rug ~ oh darn!). I’ll easily set up a paypal link through email.

Process: I start by designing a repeat pattern, which can evolve into creating a border that compliments the total design. I am a research junkie; a hoarder of golden nuggets. The continuous quest and passion of the day can lead me to unexpected wonderful results. It might be as esoteric as the history of dots. Herstory?

I am obsessed with linoleum patterns. The beautiful and creative patterns from the turn of the century, through the 40's and 50's were replaced by nondescript lack luster patterns. Vinyl has replaced linoleum because of the durability, wear and tear. What is more fabulous than a faux woven rug? I am very excited to find that I can design and illustrate my own patterns, reproduce an era, or style, and print on vinyl up to 10' x 50'.  I can create any pattern or size you would like; they can be place mats, office chair mats, floor cloths; with non skid backing, or flooring fit to any size. I can also do standard sizes such as 2'x3', 4'x6', 5'x7', 6'x9', 8'x9', up to 10'x 50'.  My print company prints on G-Floor vinyl flooring. Images are printed on the underside of commercial grade 75 mil (0.075") vinyl to provide protection. The rugs or patterns above are available for purchase. Please contact me for a quote for above patterns and / or custom design. I would love to talk about what inspires you.

Proudly printed in the USA!